1. Remove all tape that was used for packaging. Even the smallest piece can find its way to your print and damage the surface. 

2. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before picking up prints. Always hold them on the sides without touching the printed surface. Fingerprints on dark areas will show up as sheen.

3. To remove a print from a tube, start by uncapping the top end and carefully remove the scrunched tissue paper. Your print(s) will be rolled within tissue inside the tube. Gently reach in for the tissue at the top then gently and slowly pull it out of the tube so that the print comes out with it. 

4. Be gentle. Use two hands to support the print, so it will not bend. A crease in the print is permanent. Some of the papers I use are a fibrous media, if you rub your print the ink on the surface can scratch off. Do not use your hands to wipe off any dust, this can scratch the surface. Gently blow off any dust or use a soft tissue.

5. It is easier to frame your print when it is flat so if your print has been shipped in a tube and you are framing it yourself, it’s a good idea to leave it under some heavy books for a couple of days to flatten out. Ensure your print is totally protected by the original acid-free tissue and add further flat paper to ensure the surface is protected and doesn’t get marked in any way.

6. Use common sense - although the inks I use are of a very high quality, storing or displaying a print in bright sunlight may cause fading or discolouration.